About the company

13 years
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30 years

TERMA-ENERGO - innovations in the production of insulators.

TERMA-ENERGO is a successful, fast-growing company, on the market since 2003, developing and manufacturing various products for electrical equipment 6-35 kV using epoxy-filled compositions (polymeric support insulators, bushing insulators for the withdrawable elements and busbars), voltage indicating devices.

World leaders’ technology for affordable price.

Our company uses the latest 3-dimensional design technology for insulators and injection molds as well as modern equipment and technological processes purchased from world leaders in this field, such as Vogel, Hedrich, Huntsman. All this allows TERMA-ENERGO to maintain a high consumer level of its products.

Exclusive production development.

Our aim is not only to manufacture serial products (insulators), but also to satisfy customer's wishes for the creation of exclusive electrical insulating products. Developing a new device, we introduce innovative solutions that provide higher functionality and reliability of the product.

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