About the company

TERMA-ENERGO LLC is a successful, fast-growing company that has been operating since 2004. We develop and produce various products for electrical equipment 6-35 kW using epoxy-filled compositions: polymeric support insulators, bushings under the withdrawable element and busbars, contactors 6- 20 kW, voltage indicating devices of the IN 3-10 series, arc protection devices of the UDZ 00 series with polymer fiber-optic sensors, rectangular conductors with air and cast insulation 6-20 kW, switchgear series TE 1250 10kW and others. All our products correspond requirements of international quality standards IEC and Russian GOST.

Our company uses latest 3-dimensional design technologies for insulators and injection molds, applies modern equipment and technological processes used by world leaders in this field, such as HÜBERS, Vogel, Hedrich, Huntsman. Therefore TERMA-ENERGO maintains a high consumer level of its products.

Our job is not only to produce serial products, but also to satisfy our customers and create exclusive products for them. During our product development we introduce innovative solutions that provide higher functionality and reliability. The employees of TERMA-ENERGO are qualified specialists who will always provide the customer with the necessary technical support.

During our work TERMA-ENERGO got several partners, such as ABB LLC, GK Elektroshchit - TM Samara CJSC, Tavrida Electric CJSC, Moselectroshchit OJSC, NPP Elektrobalt, NIIEFA LLC - ENERGO, CJSC CHEAZ, LLC INVENT-Electro, CJSC High Voltage Union, FNUP NPP Kontakt, LLC NPO Sibelektroshchit, LLC Kaliningradgazavtomatika Plant, Alageum Electric JSC and many others.

Diplomas and certificates