Medium-voltage switchgear cabinet TE1250 series

Switchgear cabinet TE1250 series of a medium voltage 6 (10) kV, rated current up to 1250A.

Certificate of conformity РОСС RU.ME05.H05164

TERMA-ENERGO offers a medium-voltage switchgear cabinet TE1250 series, designed to receive and distribute electric energy of three-phase alternating current of industrial frequency in networks with an isolated or grounded neutral arc voltage of 10 kV through an extinguishing reactor.

Air-insulated switchgear cabinet TE1250 series meets the most modern requirements, provides high reliability during operation, safety of operational and maintenance personnel.

A distinctive feature of our products is the use of cast epoxy-filled elements as the base insulation, i.e. polymer insulators, which lead to significant reduction of the size in comparison with the switchgear manufactured in Russia.

The main solutions of the switchgear cabinet of TE1250 series:

  1. One-way service.
  2. The widespread use as a base insulation of cast epoxy-filled elements (polymer insulators) allowed to perform switchgear in dimensions:
    - width 600mm
    - depth 1100mm
    - height 2350mm

These decisions are valuable:

  • for container-type substations;
  • during the modernisation of substations, when it is necessary to increase the number of outgoing lines in an existing building;
  • during the construction of new facilities in center of large cities, where the cost of land is very high.
Rated voltage, kV 6,10
Max. voltage, kV 12
Rated current of main circuits of switchgear cabinets, A 400…1250
Rated current of busbars, A  1600
Rated breaking current, kA 20; 25
Minimal thermal resistance current (short-term), kA 20; 25
Rated current of electrodynamic resistance of the main circuits of switchgear cabinets (amplitude), kA 51; 63
Dimensions, mm 600х1100х2350