Voltage indicator tester

The voltage indicator tester is designed to test the accuracy of voltage indicating devices IN 3-10-00 and IN 3-10P-00.

The entire circuit of the display unit and the protection circuit built into the resistive communication electrode are checked. To check the accuracy of the device, it is necessary to connect the cable of the testing device to the control connector of the tested line. Press the “Control” button on the tester, and the LED should light up, which indicates that the battery is sufficient for normal operation. At the same time as a button is pressed, a control signal is sent to the input of the selected line. When the button is pressed, the LED of the selected line on the display unit should be constantly on. This indicates the serviceability of the line. Similarly, check the serviceability of the other two lines.

To place an order, indicate the type of voltage indicator of the IN 3-10 series, because the display unit WDH 97 × 97 × 49 mm and the display unit WDH 75 × 31 × 35 mm have different connectors for tester connection.