Voltage measuring converter series IPN-05 UHL3.1

The voltage measuring converter series IPN-05 UHL3.1 is intended to replace voltage transformers (VT) class 6-35 kV, which are used in measuring circuits for electricity metering with an accuracy class of 0.5.

IPN-05 UHL3.1 includes a transducer block in a metal case, with a resistive carry electrode installed (in form of an insulator unit). This contains a power supply and an amplifier.

IPN-05 UHL3.1 is designed as a linear amplifier of a weak signal coming from a resistive carry electrode relative to the housing. The output signal can be also removed relative to the housing. The amplifier has a current limit.

The converter has a 1.5 kV galvanic isolation between measuring circuits and an auxiliary power source.

Advantages of IPN-05 UHL3.1:

  • lower cost, weight and dimensions compared to VT;
  • absence of resonance and saturation which can occur in VT;
  • reliable performance in networks with large voltage surges, high percentage of harmonics, for example, in contact network of Russian Railways;

Carry electrode is made in the form of an insulator unit class 6-35 kV.

Technical Specifications

Title Value
Frequency range of operating voltage, Hz From 50 to 60
Rated input voltage Uin, kV 6-35*
Rated output phase voltage, V 57,7/100
Accuracy class of output voltage 0,5
Rated load current, mA 100
Maximum test voltage 1 min, kV 2 Uin
Supply voltage AC / DC, V 150-240/180-300
Operating temperature range of ambient air, ° C from - 25 to + 45
Dimensions, mm 163×(220÷440)*×196

* Depending on the version of the used carry electrode